We, Suljic family, the owners of Greenhills 4* holiday house, are offering you the warmest welcome to a wonderful place which will give you more than you can imagine. In 2018 we bought a vineyard with a small house on top of it and during three years we refurbished it inside out, renovating 90% of the house and its surroundings and garden. In pretty stressful lives we all live we needed a getaway to relax and rest, close to Zagreb where we live. And here it is, a house big enough not just for us but also to host family and friends, as well as you, our guests, in peace and nature, with all the commodities of modern life, still keeping a touch of tradition of wonderful Zagorje region. 

Why have we chosen Zagorje? Well.... not only because it's only 30 minutes of easy drive from where we live.

Zagorje Region - the Greenhills homeland

Zagorje is a part of Croatia situated at its north, bordering Slovenia and being very close to both Austria and Hungary. It is a region with extremely rich history, hardworking and warm people, mild climate and VERY rich nature, with a lot of forests, hills, farms, vineyards, breathtaking panoramas, walk and bike tracks... Summers are warm but not too hot, winters are pretty mild yet often with a bit of snow, springs are an explosion of colors produced by awakening nature, and so is the fall which has an added and extremely important value: grapes harvest because every second family here owns at least a small vineyard or orchard.

Calming, romantic, green, nourishing... wonderful.

Cultural heritage is very rich too, with a number of refurbished castles converted into museums or hotels, with world-famous Neanderthal Museum in Krapina (15 min from Greenhills) etc. Zagorje is famous for its wellness capacities too as it is rich with thermal water wells, so here you can enjoy in some of the oldest natural SPA centers in Europe. The winemaking tradition is very important as well, and there are a lot of wineries where you can taste both the authentic and international wine sorts. Zagorje chefs are proud of their gastronomy offer too, having some of the Croatia's internationally best known specialties being born throughout the history of Zagorje, containing a lot of ingredientes which are worldwide considered and branded as "Eco" and here it's just everyday and normal food, being produced using old and traditional methods, without chemical treatments. 

Even the Adriatic coast is not so far away; in less than 2 hours drive you can enjoy in our beautiful Adriatic sea.

As everything turned out so nice and fulfilling, and as we don't have as much time to spend here as we would like to, we decided to share this beauty with the rest of the world, because in today's crazy times it's hard to find somebody that doesn't need such getaway, And here it is. Welcome and enjoy, give Zagorje a chance! Whoever tries, always comes back!